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I feel weird about posting this instead of [livejournal.com profile] derevko_child, but I just saw this and, um....

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This is for a campaign for Fishlove which is: "Stars strip bare to raise awareness of deep sea trawling, which is causing a collapse in the world's fish population." You can see more pictures from the campaign (the only other person I recognize is Gillian Anderson) HERE, plus there is a link to sign a petition, if you wish. I hate to say it, but all these fish look deader than dead. :-( I will pretend they put the fish in water periodically, even though I know it's dirty lie.  (Olivia is posing with deceased sabre fish, btw)
[Fishlove Website, Facebook & Twitter pages]

Also, apparently Olivia's pig farmer/witch reshoots couldn't save Seventh Son and the release date has been pushed to February 6th, 2015 (they should have totally added a hat subplot...it could've saved the movie!)
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Here's the trailer for Sabotage (Previously known as 'Ten' and 'Breacher'). Olivia stars with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sam Worthington, Joe Manganiello and Mireille Enos

link, in case embed doesn't work

Additional links: ign | screencrush

And here are the first pics from the movie - indiewire

Sabotage will be released on April 2014
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The Telegraph UK: Olivia Williams on the cyclical nature of life
By Olivia Williams
12:15PM BST 15 Oct 2013

In her monthly column, Olivia Williams reflects on autumn bike rides and newly discovered connections

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Aaaand "I just got off the phone with her and she told me how she recently got a job because the director had read the book and picked up on some advice I offered, about accessing the vast talent pool of female actors we have by rethinking the lead of your film as a female character (assuming the story began life with a male lead). The director did just that, rewrote the script with a female lead and Olivia ended up getting cast. Awesome!" | Olivia Williams to speak at the London Screenwriters’ Festival… Everything she ever learned form working with Wes Anderson, M.Night Shyamalan, Roman Polanski and many more…
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Olivia will be a guest on BBC 3's Essential Classics for the week of 30 Sep to 4 Oct for the Sound of Cinema special. She will be talking to Rob Cowan at 10.30 AM (UK time) each day.

Here is the Monday episode. It will be available for seven days in the BBC iPlayer.

And here is the episode list

Heads up!

Sep. 20th, 2013 09:28 pm
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Olivia will be guesting on the Radio 2 Arts Show with Claudia Winkleman. She will be with Trevor Nunn and they'll be discussing 'Scenes from a Marriage'.

It'll be on today at 10 PM, UK time.

Here's the website. There are pics of Olivia with Trevor Nunn and Claudia Winkleman. If you miss the interview, it'll be available in the BBC website for 7 days.
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Olivia Williams: Love, hate, divorce and the roar of a Shakespearean lion
By Olivia Williams
12:15PM BST 17 Sep 2013

In her monthly column, Olivia Williams reflects on the fragile no-man’s-land between love and divorce.

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Bleeding Cool posted the first trailer of Last Days on Mars [previous], starring Olivia Williams, Liev Schreiber, Elias Koteas, Romola Garai and directed by Ruairi Robinson.

link, in case embed doesn't work

The website also said that the movie might be released this year. Fingers crossed that we see it before December ends. :D
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Olivia Williams interview: 'This is acting, not therapy'
By Tim Robey
12:30PM BST 11 Sep 2013

As she prepares to star in Bergman's 'Scenes from A Marriage', Olivia Williams talks to Tim Robey about spouses, sexism and filming with Arnie.

Olivia Williams bounds in for our interview with short, chic hair and dark blue dungarees. She might have been doing a spot of DIY; in fact, she’s just been screaming bloody murder at her husband in rehearsals. Her real one’s the actor Rhashan Stone; her stage one’s Mark Bazeley, in 'Scenes from a Marriage', the forthcoming Trevor Nunn revival of Ingmar Bergman’s squabble-fest.

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Olivia, along with Michael Nyqvist, has been cast in "The Shadows", a film based on Karin Alvtegen's novel "Skugga".

From Variety

Swedish actor Michael Nyqvist and Brit thesp Olivia Williams are set to topline “The Shadows,” an English-language thriller directed by first-timer Ludovic Bernard, who worked as first assistant director on a flurry of EuropaCorp movies, from Luc Besson’s “The Lady” to Olivier Megaton’s “Taken 2” and Scarlett Johansson starrer “Lucy.”

Based on Swedish author Karin Alvtegen’s bestselling novel “Skugga,” “The Shadows” is a dark family thriller.

Pic is set up at Thomas Saignes’ Paris-based financing firm Tomato Pictures and is lead-produced by Same Player. A major Swedish partner is in talks to come on board.

Source: Variety
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My Week: Olivia Williams on a crude awakening
By Olivia Williams
12:15PM BST 20 Aug 2013

In her monthly column, Olivia Williams wakes up to the inexorable disaster of fracking.

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Trevor Nunn is reviving Ingmar Bergman's Scenes from a Marriage at the St James Theatre later this year.

Nunn, who directed Iain Glen and his then-wife Imogen Stubbs in the first production at the Belgrade, Coventry in 2008, is revisiting the play with actress Olivia Willams.

Scenes from a Marriage will run at the St James from 16 September to 9 November 23013 (previews from 11 September), marking the venue's first anniversary.

The play, adapted by Joanna Murray-Smith from Ingmar Bergman's 1970s Swedish TV series, follows Johan and Marianne from happily married couple to warring contenders in divorce and beyond.

sources: one | two

St. James Theatre 'Scenes from a Marriage' page
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My Week: Olivia Williams on a tale of two auteurs
By Olivia Williams
12:15PM BST 23 Jul 2013

In her monthly column, Olivia Williams reflects on a summer spent juggling David Cronenberg and Sir David Hare.

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Here is the trailer for The Seventh Son, which has Olivia playing a pig farmer's wife. She's not in the trailer (but Julianne Moore is), but it looks fantastical (also, everybody seems to be going for an American accent in the film).

link, in case embed doesn't work

And if you've been around tumblr and are a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch or Natalie Dormer, or are following people who are fans of those two, you might have seen a gifset of them being sexy and sultry and all 1940s? Well, apparently, several other British actors, including Olivia, were in it too.

This trailer was to launch the refurbishment of the Electric Cinema. It's pretty awesome.

youtube link if vimeo hates you
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My Week: Who really calls the shots in Hollywood?
By Olivia Williams
12:15PM BST 25 Jun 2013

In her monthly column, Olivia Williams discovers a powerful force at work in Hollywood: the test audience.

Both a yay and a boo. Yay (but also boo) )
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Amy Acker had an interview with Dallas News and was asked about Joss' Shakespeare Brunches--

Any memorable performances?

Olivia Williams, who was on Dollhouse, did Gertrude in Hamlet and played her as tipsy the whole time. I was like, why doesn’t everyone do her like that? It’s a magical thing. Someone always brings something unexpected.

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uno. Ten, Olivia's movie where she plays an detective investigating the deaths of members of an elite DEA task force is now known as Sabotage. Previous movie titles include Breacher.

Here's an excerpt from a story in moviepilot.com (warning: the site's a little bit slow, there's some javascript involved and shiznit)

Sabotage casts Arnold as a baddie (with a neck tattoo, no less), one of ten crooked DEA agents who rob a drug cartel only later to be killed off one by one, a la Agatha Christies, Ten Little Indians, upon which the premise of Sabotage is loosely inspired.

Although the film was shot in Atlanta and wrapped several months ago, the Los Angeles reshoots were necessitated after unfavorable audience response to an early test screening sometime in April. While I wont reveal the detail particulars of the reshoot (which are so significant as to qualify as spoilers) Olivia Williams, the Shakespearean-trained actress whos making a rare foray into the action genre by portraying a tough investigator in Sabotage, informs me that the reshoots will guarantee a more favorable movie experience for Schwarzenegger fans, and that the former California governors somewhat against-type is likely to reveal a heretofore unexplored dimensionality to Schwarzeneggers usual screen persona. Williams also stated, that while the work was often grueling (one scene involved three days of mud wrestling with Arnold in an Atlanta lake), working with Schwarzenegger was quite the pleasure and that the actor was a consummate professional throughout.


dos.Here's the first clip from Olivia's movie, Last Days on Mars [previous comm entries]

link, in case embed doesn't work


tres. Olivia awarded the first prize winner of the Marylebone Art Competition.

 photo twitter-maryleboneartcenter_zps0c74a7f2.jpg
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Olivia is part of The Guest, a twelve-minute film directed by Daniel Montanarini. Together with her in the film are Betrand Lesca and Pip Torrens.

Here is the plot synopsis from the film's facebook page

A graduate, Matthieu, meets his old university lecturer for coffee. The professor invites him to a dinner party but upon arrival Matthieu discovers he is the only guest.

Matthieu meets the professor's wife who ignores her husband but is more than happy to devote all her attention to their guest. As the evening progresses, it becomes clear that the couple are concealing a dark secret.

Matthieu's curiosity gets the better of him and he decides to find out for himself what that dark secret is.

trailer, stills, reviews )

Seems like it's still going around the film festival circuit.


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