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Bringing Eleanor Roosevelt to life
New York Times Syndicate (via the Qatar Tribune)
by Ian Spelling

IT wasn’t easy for Olivia Williams to become Eleanor Roosevelt.Reports says that the British actress “begged” for the chance to play Roosevelt in Hyde Park on Hudson, Roger Michell’s new drama about a famous 1939 visit in which Roosevelt and her husband, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Bill Murray), entertained the King and Queen of England (Samuel West and Olivia Colman) at their estate in Hyde Park on Hudson, in upstate New York.

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I'm going to put up all sorts of epilepsy warnings for this Q&A. How bad is the shaky-camera effect of this video? Very.

It's twenty minutes long. I think OW answers a question around 11 minutes in (she answers after Aaron Taylor Johnson and before Matthew MacFadyen)

link, in case embed doesn't work

Then we have the red carpet for 'Hyde Park on Hudson'--

link, in case embed doesn't work
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Let's start with the bad news:

01. Case Sensitive Series 3 is a no-go . According to Darren Boyd's twitter, ITV has decided that they won't make any more episodes.

Let's have a moment of silence for our fallen show.

Now, for the good news:

02. Anna Karenina and Hyde Park on Hudson will be premiering in the Toronto Film Festival, which will be running from September 6th to 16th. The schedule of the movies will be released on August 21st.

Anna Karenina will be a Special Presentation while Hyde Park on Hudson is a Gala Presentation.

03. According to the BBC Films twitter feed, Now is Good will be released on September 19.

01.Darren Boyd's tweet
02.TIFF - Anna Karenina | TIFF - Hyde Park on Hudson
03. BBC Films' tweet
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Olivia: Karenina will be stunning
The UK Press Association

Olivia Williams has promised Joe Wright's new film adaptation of Tolstoy's Anna Karenina will be "stunning".

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Olivia Williams: Kevin Costner taught me a lot about film-making
Hanna star Olivia Williams talks to Metro about her love for bears, reading Shakespeare with Joss Whedon and working with acting legend Kevin Costner.
Andrew Williams - 26th August, 2011

From the Metro UK )

Williams: Keira will be great [as] Anna
UK Press Association – Tue, Aug 30, 2011.

from the UK Press Association via Yahoo!News UK )

Dakota Fanning's UK accent praised
First Posted: 9/9/11 11:19 GMT Updated: 9/9/11 11:19 GMT

from the UK Press Association via the Huffington Post )
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Olivia Williams, who was so good in Wright’s thriller Hanna, will play Countess Vronskaya, Vronsky’s mother. Saoirse Ronan, who appeared with Keira in Atonement and had the lead in Hanna, will play Kitty, Dolly’s sister.

whole story here


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