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Olivia talks about Maps to the Stars and her character, Cristina Weiss. I can't seem to find the embed button so...


And here are some reviews of Maps to the Stars (Beware be spoilers)

The Hollywood Reporter by Todd McCarthy
Vanity Fair by Richard Lawson
The Guardian by Peter Bradshaw
Variety by Peter Debruge
The Telegraph UK by Robbie Collins
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The trailers for Maps to the Stars and Manhattan have been released.

I can't find the first international trailer (the post prod trailer with actual text at the start that says "post production" or PG version), so here's the the red band, NSFW trailer.

link, in case embed doesn't work (youtube will ask you to sign in)

If the above links don't work for you, Indie Wire has the trailer not hosted by youtube and a bit of write-up of the movie here.

Maps to the Stars will premiere on May 21st in the Cannes Film Festival.

The trailer for Manhattan was released just a few hours ago.

link, in case embed doesn't work

Olivia plays Liza Winters, a "botanist with a past". Manhattan will premiere this July on WGN.

And here's a twitter pic from the set, via one of the stars of the show, Katja Herbers.

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My Week: Who really calls the shots in Hollywood?
By Olivia Williams
12:15PM BST 25 Jun 2013

In her monthly column, Olivia Williams discovers a powerful force at work in Hollywood: the test audience.

Both a yay and a boo. Yay (but also boo) )
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Olivia, together with Mia Wasikowska and Evan Bird, has signed up for David Cronenberg's film, Maps to the Stars. She is going to play the manipulative mother to Mia Wasikowska and Evan Bird's characters, (Wasakowski being a disfigured, schizophrenic and fame-obsessed character, and Bird being a troubled and drug-addicted child star character). The film is both a ghost story an an attack on the celebrity-obsessed society of Los Angeles.

They join Julianne Moore, Robert Pattinson and John Cusack in the film.

Production starts on July in Toronto and in LA.

Sources: Indiewire | Variety


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