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Here's an interview with HeyGuys UK about the Seventh Son. Contains major spoilers (the first few tidbits from Olivia is, afaik, actually a twist in the series, so...)

link, in case embed doesn't work
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Hi guys. Important update first: Olivia is scheduled to appear alongside the cast of Manhattan at the Paley Center for the press screening of the first episode of the show in Los Angeles. It's going to be held on July 9, with reception starting at 6 PM. General admission is $10 while members are free.


Here's a first look at the show, with interviews with the cast and producers of the show. The show is looking good.

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The Manhattan Youtube channel has reuploaded the teaser trailer and uploaded two more trailers entitled, "Nowhere" and the "Gadget"

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Subscribe to Manhattan's official youtube channel
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Olivia talks about Maps to the Stars and her character, Cristina Weiss. I can't seem to find the embed button so...


And here are some reviews of Maps to the Stars (Beware be spoilers)

The Hollywood Reporter by Todd McCarthy
Vanity Fair by Richard Lawson
The Guardian by Peter Bradshaw
Variety by Peter Debruge
The Telegraph UK by Robbie Collins
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How we met: Olivia Williams & Diarmuid Kelley
Adam Jacques | 15 December 2013

 How We Met Olivia Williams & Diarmuid Kelley

‘Our sessions became a bit like therapy’

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The Telegraph UK: Olivia Williams on the cyclical nature of life
By Olivia Williams
12:15PM BST 15 Oct 2013

In her monthly column, Olivia Williams reflects on autumn bike rides and newly discovered connections

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Aaaand "I just got off the phone with her and she told me how she recently got a job because the director had read the book and picked up on some advice I offered, about accessing the vast talent pool of female actors we have by rethinking the lead of your film as a female character (assuming the story began life with a male lead). The director did just that, rewrote the script with a female lead and Olivia ended up getting cast. Awesome!" | Olivia Williams to speak at the London Screenwriters’ Festival… Everything she ever learned form working with Wes Anderson, M.Night Shyamalan, Roman Polanski and many more…
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Olivia will be a guest on BBC 3's Essential Classics for the week of 30 Sep to 4 Oct for the Sound of Cinema special. She will be talking to Rob Cowan at 10.30 AM (UK time) each day.

Here is the Monday episode. It will be available for seven days in the BBC iPlayer.

And here is the episode list
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Olivia Williams interview: 'This is acting, not therapy'
By Tim Robey
12:30PM BST 11 Sep 2013

As she prepares to star in Bergman's 'Scenes from A Marriage', Olivia Williams talks to Tim Robey about spouses, sexism and filming with Arnie.

Olivia Williams bounds in for our interview with short, chic hair and dark blue dungarees. She might have been doing a spot of DIY; in fact, she’s just been screaming bloody murder at her husband in rehearsals. Her real one’s the actor Rhashan Stone; her stage one’s Mark Bazeley, in 'Scenes from a Marriage', the forthcoming Trevor Nunn revival of Ingmar Bergman’s squabble-fest.

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Here are two interviews (video and text) Olivia did for Hyde Park on Hudson, which premieres in the UK on February 1st.

View London: Olivia Williams Interview

Olivia Williams, making a star turn as First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt in Hyde Park on Hudson, tells View about starring once again with Bill Murray, bringing an important figure of twentieth century history to life on the screen and having fun working with her co-stars and director.

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And here's the video interview from HeyUGuys Interview. She also talks about filming Ten--

link, in case embed doesn't work

They also have a bit of a write-up in their site
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Olivia will be appearing in ITV This Morning at 11.45 AM, with Sam West.

Here is the ITV website. I think only people in the UK can watch it on the website. The video will be available for seven days only.
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UK Metro - Olivia Williams: I was ready to jack in acting when I was asked to audition in a bikini
By Andrew Williams
Tuesday 22 Jan 2013 6:00 am

Olivia Williams talks about her new film Hyde Park on Hudson, life after 40 and how she nearly gave up acting.

talks about a bit of her recent projects )
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Apologies for all the Hyde Park on Hudson vids from the TIFF 2012, but I think this one stands out because of the last question. :D

link, in case embed doesn't work
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Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson: December 13

Mark your calendars. Together with her in the episode is Howie Mandel.

Also, here's a link to an interview with Olivia about Hyde Park on Hudson. The Fretts on Film Interview: Olivia Williams
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I'm going to put up all sorts of epilepsy warnings for this Q&A. How bad is the shaky-camera effect of this video? Very.

It's twenty minutes long. I think OW answers a question around 11 minutes in (she answers after Aaron Taylor Johnson and before Matthew MacFadyen)

link, in case embed doesn't work

Then we have the red carpet for 'Hyde Park on Hudson'--

link, in case embed doesn't work
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Olivia Williams 'Case Sensitive' Q&A: 'I'd love to be iconic TV cop'
Published Wednesday, Jul 11 2012, 09:00 BST | By Morgan Jeffery |

In case you haven't heard, Case Sensitive is back - the ITV1 detective drama went down a storm last year, averaging 6m viewers, and now DS Charlie Zailer (Olivia Williams) and DC Simon Waterhouse (Darren Boyd) are back with another dark and thrilling case.

Digital Spy caught up with Case Sensitive star and generally top actress Williams to discuss the latest two-parter, the chances of a third series and her ambition to become an iconic TV cop...

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Olivia Williams ('Case Sensitive': Series 2) interview
Wednesday, 04 July 2012 06:22 ITV Press Centre

Olivia Williams (Hanna, Dollhouse) returns as DS Charlie Zailer this month for a new two-part story of Case Sensitive, based on the novel The Other Half Lives by Sophie Hannah.

It looks like the show's premiere has been moved to July 12th )

Mod Note: ITV's official website (here) lists Case Sensitive premiering on July 12th.
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Olivia Williams: My family values
The actor talks about her family
Maureen Patton
The Guardian, Saturday 23 June 2012

Olivia Williams: '[My husband] has great strength of character, like my dad.' | Photograph: Karen Robinson for the Guardian

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Double Act: Olivia Williams and Rhashan Stone Are Truly a Luvvie Couple
Hermione Eyre
04 May 2012

Olivia Williams might have ended up married to a Bullingdon Club politician and living in Poland, were it not for fellow film and TV star Rhashan Stone’s winning humour (and very pretty handwriting), discovers Hermione Eyre

article and picture under the cut )
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I was pretty certain I posted this before, but I can't seem to find it in the comm tags or in the archives (I don't think I've imagined posting this in here since I remember having a conversation with someone about one of the things OW mentions in this article :|)

Random Roles: Olivia Williams
by Scott Tobias February 16, 2010

To me, that’s the challenge of acting. We had an ancient Prussian acting coach at my drama school who said the worst offense you could commit was to let your subtext show. He would say, [Prussian accent.] “Your subtext is showing.” )
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Olivia Williams
• Stay open. Acting is specific, because it requires co-operation and social interaction – both to observe, experience and empathise with other human behaviours in order to reproduce them believably on stage or screen, or just to work with other actors to create a scene.

•Relax. That doesn't mean the work itself or the preparation is relaxed, but the beginning of the process – the reading of the script and the vision of how it can be realised – is not forced. Then, when inspiration has struck, comes the messy process of practicalities.



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