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Olivia talks about Maps to the Stars and her character, Cristina Weiss. I can't seem to find the embed button so...


And here are some reviews of Maps to the Stars (Beware be spoilers)

The Hollywood Reporter by Todd McCarthy
Vanity Fair by Richard Lawson
The Guardian by Peter Bradshaw
Variety by Peter Debruge
The Telegraph UK by Robbie Collins
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Sabotage has been released in the US and the reviews are coming in. There are a lot of reviews, but the gist of it is, "The movie is kinda bad but the ladies are great."

I'll be linking the reviews that mention Olivia's performance


AV Club by Ignatiy Vishnevetsky (C-)
Chicago Sun Times by Richard Roeper (***1/2)
Collider by Matt Goldberg (C)
Crave Online by William Bibiani (7.0)
Film Journal by Marsha McCreadie (n/a)
Hitfix by Drew McWeeny (B-)
IndieWire by Mark Zhuravsky (C-)
LA Times by Robert Abele (n/a)
Oregon Live by Stephen Whitty (B+)
The New York Times by Manohla Dargis (n/a)
The News Tribune by Soren Andersen (n/a)
SF Gate by Mick LaSalle (n/a)
The Wrap by Alonso Duralde (n/a)
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Olivia is part of The Guest, a twelve-minute film directed by Daniel Montanarini. Together with her in the film are Betrand Lesca and Pip Torrens.

Here is the plot synopsis from the film's facebook page

A graduate, Matthieu, meets his old university lecturer for coffee. The professor invites him to a dinner party but upon arrival Matthieu discovers he is the only guest.

Matthieu meets the professor's wife who ignores her husband but is more than happy to devote all her attention to their guest. As the evening progresses, it becomes clear that the couple are concealing a dark secret.

Matthieu's curiosity gets the better of him and he decides to find out for himself what that dark secret is.

trailer, stills, reviews )

Seems like it's still going around the film festival circuit.
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I've compiled some of the reviews of the play. Most reviews praise the performances of Olivia and Matthew, but not so much on the writing of the play.

If you've found any new reviews, leave a comment and I'll add it to the list. If, on the other hand, you've watched the play and want to leave a review, just make a new entry. ♥


The Guardian by Michael Billington - 3/5
London Theatre Online by Peter Brown - 3/5
The Stage by Jeremy Austin
The Telegraph by Charles Spencer - 1/5 (trolololol)
The Hollywood Reporter by Ray Bennett
Theater Mania by Natasha Tripney
The Independent by Paul Taylor - 3/5
Variety by David Benedict
Spoonfed by Naima Khan - 3/5
The Art's Desk by Sam Marlowe
Exeunt by Daniel B. Yates - 3/5
Financial Times by Sarah Hemming - 3/5
*new* GQ by Delphine Chui

+ Olivia on BBC Breakfast
+ Olivia and Matthew Fox talk to OK! TV about the play
+ Pictures from the Press Night
+ Pictures from the play taken by Geraint Lewis


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