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10 minutes with Olivia Williams
Hannah Nathanson
6 May 2011

Olivia Williams is sweeping bottles of foundation into a make-up bag by her dressing-room mirror. 'I feel like I should tidy up,' she apologises.

We are in the bowels of the Strand's Vaudeville Theatre, which first opened in 1870 to stage racy shows. )
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Olivia Williams (The Sixth Sense, Dollhouse) stars as DS Charlie Zailer in ITV1's new two-part drama, Case Sensitive, based on the psychological suspense novel Point Of Rescue by Sophie Hannah.

When Geraldine Bretherick and her 5-year-old daughter Lucy are found dead in the bath of their luxury home, the case divides new DS Charlie Zailer and her DC Simon Waterhouse. Is it murder, suicide or something even more sinister, and how watertight is the alibi of the husband Mark?

CultBox caught up with Olivia to find out more...

Aside from Case Sensitive, there's talk about Hanna, In A Forest, Lost and Dollhouse. Also, my question was asked. And answered. )
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Olivia Williams on Battling Matthew Fox in the London Debut of LaBute's In a Forest, Dark and Deep
By Matt Wolf March 23, 2011 - 12:05PM

article under the cut )
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I've compiled some of the reviews of the play. Most reviews praise the performances of Olivia and Matthew, but not so much on the writing of the play.

If you've found any new reviews, leave a comment and I'll add it to the list. If, on the other hand, you've watched the play and want to leave a review, just make a new entry. ♥


The Guardian by Michael Billington - 3/5
London Theatre Online by Peter Brown - 3/5
The Stage by Jeremy Austin
The Telegraph by Charles Spencer - 1/5 (trolololol)
The Hollywood Reporter by Ray Bennett
Theater Mania by Natasha Tripney
The Independent by Paul Taylor - 3/5
Variety by David Benedict
Spoonfed by Naima Khan - 3/5
The Art's Desk by Sam Marlowe
Exeunt by Daniel B. Yates - 3/5
Financial Times by Sarah Hemming - 3/5
*new* GQ by Delphine Chui

+ Olivia on BBC Breakfast
+ Olivia and Matthew Fox talk to OK! TV about the play
+ Pictures from the Press Night
+ Pictures from the play taken by Geraint Lewis
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Actors Olivia Williams and Matthew Fox at the Vaudeville theatre, London: ‘He's always sneaking in extra rehearsals when I'm not looking.'

By: Tom Lamont, The Observer, March 6, 2011

The British actress and the American star of Lost prepare to play troubled siblings in a new work by Neil LaBute )
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Today's the first performance! (World premiere is on the 14th!)


Go and be your awesome selves!


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