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Altar, Olivia's movie with Matthew Modine, has been retitled as The Haunting of Radcliffe House. Aside from the re-titling, it will now be shown in the UK as a tv movie on December 27th in Channel 5

Here's the plot synopsis from TV Rage and a still from the film

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Olivia Williams: Train journeys, ghost stories and grizzly TV
By Olivia Williams
12:15PM GMT 04 Feb 2014

In her weekly column, Olivia Williams ruminates upon ghosts from the past and a terrifying vision of the future

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Olivia is part of Simon Pegg's new movie, Man Up. The movie is about a disillusioned single woman (Lake Bell) who mistakenly goes on a date with a freshly-hatched divorcee (Pegg). The movie also stars Rory Kinnear, Sharon Horgan, Harriet Walter, Ken Stott and Stephen Campbell Moore. The script was written by Tess Morris and will be directed by Ben Palmer | source

The plot for Altar, which started filming a few weeks back (first mentioned here) has been released to Variety. In the film, Matthew Modine portrays an American artist and Olivia Williams, his British wife. The film centers on the couple and their two children who begin renovation work at a remote English estate, where the owner killed his wife years earlier in a demonic ritual. The wife exacted her revenge by haunting him, driving him to madness and suicide. | source
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Olivia Williams: 'I may be shivering in terror, but I refuse to catch cold'
By Olivia Williams
12:15PM GMT 07 Jan 2014

In her monthly column, Olivia Williams explains why she won't be left out in the cold while shooting her new movie

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