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Here's an interview with HeyGuys UK about the Seventh Son. Contains major spoilers (the first few tidbits from Olivia is, afaik, actually a twist in the series, so...)

link, in case embed doesn't work
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Altar, Olivia's movie with Matthew Modine, has been retitled as The Haunting of Radcliffe House. Aside from the re-titling, it will now be shown in the UK as a tv movie on December 27th in Channel 5

Here's the plot synopsis from TV Rage and a still from the film

scary spoilers and not so scary picture under the cut )
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Have a wonderful day and an even more wonderful year

Manhattan will premiere tomorrow, July 27th, on WGN America at 9/8 PM. She will also be on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on July 28th at 12.37 AM
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KTLA Update:

Here's the interview from this morning. link, because embed doesn't work

Paley Center Update:

Will be posting pictures from the TCA and the Paley Center screening. There are a lot of pictures. :D

And here's a new promo video featuring Liza Winter :D

link, in case embed doesn't work
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Hi guys. Important update first: Olivia is scheduled to appear alongside the cast of Manhattan at the Paley Center for the press screening of the first episode of the show in Los Angeles. It's going to be held on July 9, with reception starting at 6 PM. General admission is $10 while members are free.


Here's a first look at the show, with interviews with the cast and producers of the show. The show is looking good.

link, in case embed doesn't work

The Manhattan Youtube channel has reuploaded the teaser trailer and uploaded two more trailers entitled, "Nowhere" and the "Gadget"

Trailers under the cut )

Subscribe to Manhattan's official youtube channel
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Olivia Williams on declining bee colonies and emails from Obama
by Olivia Williams
12:15PM BST 27 May 2014

In her monthly column, Olivia Williams considers declining bee colonies, and applauds President Obama for installing solar panels on the White House

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Olivia talks about Maps to the Stars and her character, Cristina Weiss. I can't seem to find the embed button so...


And here are some reviews of Maps to the Stars (Beware be spoilers)

The Hollywood Reporter by Todd McCarthy
Vanity Fair by Richard Lawson
The Guardian by Peter Bradshaw
Variety by Peter Debruge
The Telegraph UK by Robbie Collins
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WGN America has announced the premiere date of Manhattan, their second scripted series which stars John Benjamin Hickey and Olivia Williams (previous posts)

Here's the first image of the cast.

 photo Manhattancast001_zps9acaeb17.jpg

Manhattan will premiere on July 27th, Sunday at at 10:00 p.m. ET | 9:00 p.m CT on WGN America.

I'm putting the press release under the cut press release )
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Olivia Williams on brainiacs and nuclear weapons
By Olivia Williams
12:15PM BST 29 Apr 2014

In her monthly column, Olivia Williams, considers short-lived omnipotence and the destructive power of technology

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The trailers for Maps to the Stars and Manhattan have been released.

I can't find the first international trailer (the post prod trailer with actual text at the start that says "post production" or PG version), so here's the the red band, NSFW trailer.

link, in case embed doesn't work (youtube will ask you to sign in)

If the above links don't work for you, Indie Wire has the trailer not hosted by youtube and a bit of write-up of the movie here.

Maps to the Stars will premiere on May 21st in the Cannes Film Festival.

The trailer for Manhattan was released just a few hours ago.

link, in case embed doesn't work

Olivia plays Liza Winters, a "botanist with a past". Manhattan will premiere this July on WGN.

And here's a twitter pic from the set, via one of the stars of the show, Katja Herbers.

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Mod Note: There's no My Week article posted online for March

Olivia Williams on bombing in Santa Fe and LA
By Olivia Williams
12:15PM BST 05 Apr 2014

In her monthly column, Olivia Williams discusses the impracticality of lipstick in the desert and the importance of coming prepared

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Sabotage has been released in the US and the reviews are coming in. There are a lot of reviews, but the gist of it is, "The movie is kinda bad but the ladies are great."

I'll be linking the reviews that mention Olivia's performance


AV Club by Ignatiy Vishnevetsky (C-)
Chicago Sun Times by Richard Roeper (***1/2)
Collider by Matt Goldberg (C)
Crave Online by William Bibiani (7.0)
Film Journal by Marsha McCreadie (n/a)
Hitfix by Drew McWeeny (B-)
IndieWire by Mark Zhuravsky (C-)
LA Times by Robert Abele (n/a)
Oregon Live by Stephen Whitty (B+)
The New York Times by Manohla Dargis (n/a)
The News Tribune by Soren Andersen (n/a)
SF Gate by Mick LaSalle (n/a)
The Wrap by Alonso Duralde (n/a)
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Olivia's BBC2 movie, Salting the Battlefield will premiere on BBC2 on March 27th at 9 PM. She plays Belinda Kay.

Salting the Battlefield is the third installment to the Worricker trilogy. Turk and Caicos will premiere the week prior, on March 20th, also at 9 PM on BBC2. The trilogy stars Bill Nighy and is directed by David Hare.

Here's the youtube video with the trailers for all of BBC2's original dramas this year

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Hello friends, I come bearing casting news, an update on a film project from last year (that was only briefly mentioned in a My Week article back in July), and an R-rated trailer.

one. Olivia's been cast in the tv series, Manhattan. It's a television drama about the building of the first atomic bomb in New Mexico. She plays Liza Winters, a "brilliant botanist who accompanies her husband (John Benjamin Hickey) to the secret birthplace of the atomic bomb, where she notices the unsettling changes in the environment." Her character is said to have a "complicated" past.

It is the second scripted drama from WGN America and is set for a July 2014 premiere.

This series is probably the show that was referred to in this My Week article.

two. She's set to appear in, Magpie, a short directed by Stephen Fingleton. It is a prequel of sorts to Fingleton's movie, "The Survivalist", and it serves as, "an introduction to his harsh, post-apocalyptic world as well as a selection of the characters that inhabit The Survivalist."

three. Salting the Battlefield, which was briefly mentioned albeit unspecified, in the My Week article Olivia Williams on a tale of two auteurs was previewed by David Hare last February 11th. It is the third installment of the Worricker Trilogy starring Bill Nighy. She plays Belinda Kay, an editor for the Independent.

four. Here is the red band trailer for Sabotage. There are new shots of Olivia and it's looking really really badass. This is the R-Rated trailer, which means a lot of blood, bare breasts and coarse language. And helluva lot of death spoilers.

Youtube also wants you to sign in to make sure you're above 18 years old.

Link, in case embed doesn't work (you'll still have to sign in)

one: variety | thr
two: the fyzz
three: adam sherwin twitter (@adamsherwin10) | the independent

Mod Note: if you don't have a google account or a youtube account, give a holler, I could send you the trailer. But you'll also have to verify that you're 18 years old or over :D
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Olivia Williams: Train journeys, ghost stories and grizzly TV
By Olivia Williams
12:15PM GMT 04 Feb 2014

In her weekly column, Olivia Williams ruminates upon ghosts from the past and a terrifying vision of the future

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Olivia is part of Simon Pegg's new movie, Man Up. The movie is about a disillusioned single woman (Lake Bell) who mistakenly goes on a date with a freshly-hatched divorcee (Pegg). The movie also stars Rory Kinnear, Sharon Horgan, Harriet Walter, Ken Stott and Stephen Campbell Moore. The script was written by Tess Morris and will be directed by Ben Palmer | source

The plot for Altar, which started filming a few weeks back (first mentioned here) has been released to Variety. In the film, Matthew Modine portrays an American artist and Olivia Williams, his British wife. The film centers on the couple and their two children who begin renovation work at a remote English estate, where the owner killed his wife years earlier in a demonic ritual. The wife exacted her revenge by haunting him, driving him to madness and suicide. | source
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Olivia Williams: 'I may be shivering in terror, but I refuse to catch cold'
By Olivia Williams
12:15PM GMT 07 Jan 2014

In her monthly column, Olivia Williams explains why she won't be left out in the cold while shooting her new movie

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How we met: Olivia Williams & Diarmuid Kelley
Adam Jacques | 15 December 2013

 How We Met Olivia Williams & Diarmuid Kelley

‘Our sessions became a bit like therapy’

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Olivia Williams on getting her kit off to save the oceans
By Olivia Williams
12:15PM GMT 10 Dec 2013

In her monthly column, Olivia Williams remembers her dear departed father who taught her how to love, and urges her readers to support the campaign against deep-sea trawling

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Olivia Williams on incessant blubbing and big laughs
By Olivia Williams
12:15PM GMT 12 Nov 2013

In her regular monthly column, Olivia Williams is glad to be laughing after a week of being regularly moved to tears

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