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City Hall will be shown on Sky Arts 1 at 9 PM in the UK (or 4 PM, NY time).

Here's a short write-up from The Guardian UK--

Could a fortysomething stay-at-home mum with no political experience become mayor of London? Olivia Williams is Dorothy Green, who runs for office after being spotted on YouTube speaking out against the summer riots. She's thrust into a world of smarmy chatshow hosts and an even smarmier Conservative opponent (Martin Shaw), who's determined to show her his manifesto. But would the public really be more interested in her fabulous shoes and the fact that she's posed for magazine shoots in her underwear? Hannah Verdier
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A room of my own: Olivia Williams
The living room of the actor's central London flat is an oasis of calm
Alex Clark
The Observer, Sunday 29 April 2012

Olivia Williams, at home in her living room in Marylebone, central London, thought this flat would be a "bachelorette pad – my happy acceptance of permanent singledom". Photograph: Suki Dhanda for the Observer

Olivia Williams is a London girl, which is fitting for someone who we'll next see playing a mayoral candidate in the TV play City Hall, written by her husband, the actor and playwright Rhashan Stone. Growing up in Camden, she used to pass through Marylebone, where she now lives with Stone and their two daughters, on her way to Saturday-morning ballet class; she originally thought this flat would be her "bachelorette pad… my happy acceptance of permanent singledom".

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Mod Note: both the article and the City Hall page on the Sky Arts website have it listed as premiering on May 3rd but Rhashan Stone's Facebook page has it up on May 10th.
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SkyArts has the synopsis/plot of City Hall up on their site, plus a new picture.

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The premiere date for Olivia's tv movie with Sky has been moved from May 3rd (previous post), to May 10th.

Ooh, and check out a 'first look' pic--

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According to Rhashan Stone's facebook page, City Hall will premiere on May 3rd, to coincide with the Mayoral elections in London.

The transmission date for Rhashan's debut screenplay has been changed to the 3rd May to coincide with the real life Mayoral Elections in London. "City Hall" stars Olivia Williams, Rhashan Stone, Martin Shaw and Lucy Punch.


City Hall is the story of Dorothy Green, the unconventional housewife who becomes London's first female Mayor. It was commissioned by Sky.
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From Rhashan Stone's facebook news page:

City Hall - begins filming this week. It stars Olivia Williams, Rhashan Stone, Martin Shaw & Lucy Punch. Commissioned by Sky, it is Rhashan's debut screenplay as a writer. It tells the story of Dorothy Green, the unconventional housewife who becomes London's first female Mayor.


Rhashan Stone, in case you didn't know, is Olivia husband. Congratulations :D


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